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Original E3D Hemera Motor Bowden Kit dari UK

Original E3D Hemera Motor Bowden Kit dari UK

Code: Hemera Motor Bowden
Weight: 1.00 kg
Dimension: 0.00 x 0.00 x 0.00 cm
Category: > 3D Printer Sparepart
Tags: Original, E3D, Hemera, Motor, Bowden, Kit, dari, UK
Deskripsi Original E3D Hemera Motor Bowden Kit dari UK

Original E3D Hemera Motor Bowden Kit dari UK

For E3D Hemera, we opted for a hardened stainless steel dual-drive arrangement which provides a huge boost in grip over single drive systems, in fact, we’re able to push filament with up to 10kg of force. The secondary gear shaft is on a moveable, sprung idler which allows the user to adjust filament tension.

Filament Constraint Like No Other
Hemera constrains filament like no other extrusion system, fact. You won’t experience the full extent of its unrivalled filament constraint until you print ultra-flexible materials. This exceptional filament constraint also has a significant impact on printing rigid, and semi-rigid materials such as PLA or Nylon.

Hemera features convenient T-Slots for easy mounting to your printer, plus space for other accessories, part cooling fans and bed levelling probes to name a couple.

A Never-Before-Seen Heatsink
Hemera’ heatsink design ensures airflow is diverted up and away from both the HotEnd and the heated bed, reducing the risk of warping and uneven stresses forming in the printed part.

User-centered Design
All interaction with Hemera is from the top. To set filament tension the user simply twists a thumbscrew and a cam slider mechanism with a captive nut compresses a spring and loads the idler. Filament tension is increased by rotating clockwise and decreased by rotating counterclockwise. Simple.

This kit contains:

1 x E3D Hemera sink
1 x Idler
1 x Idler slide block
1 x Idler spring block
1 x Thumbwheel
1 x Idler shaft
1 x Drive hobb
1 x Idler hobb
1 x E3D Hemera motor
1 x Motor cable
1 x E3D Hemera fixings kit
1 x Thermal compound
1 x Bowden adapter
1 x Collet
1 x Collet clip
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