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Original Mellow 6x20 mm 12V 40W Replace Heater Cartridge

Original Mellow 6x20 mm 12V 40W Replace Heater Cartridge

Code: 6*20 mm 12V 40W
Weight: 100.00 g
Dimension: 10.00 x 10.00 x 10.00 mm
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Original Mellow 6*20 mm 12V 40W Replace Heater Cartridge

Panjang 1 meter

Panjang Heater tube 20 mm

We design these optimized version thermistor and heater to meet the requirement of the market, especially for the 3D printer manufacturers'. With these optimized thermistor and heater, it's easy and convenient to replace the thermistor and heater if they are not work. The connector wiring are stable.

The current of the heating tube will be relatively large, so we use the 5A terminal block, so that customers can use the heating tube more safely.

The heating tube uses an overall heating structure, and the heating is more uniform.

The head of the heating tube is wrapped in metal to prevent the powder from falling out, and the metal processing is smooth and beautiful

Watt: 40W

A end line length, 10cm;

B end line length,90cm.

Material : stainless steel

Heating pipe Features : fast heating, temperature ≤ 450

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